As soon as you arrive in Val di Fassa you breathe in the new air, your mind clears and your re-energised. Surrounded by mountains you'll not be able to resist the desire to explore.

"You are a mere onlooker in God's own personal art gallery!"
Brad Lamb, cyclist at Maratona Dles Dolomites 2011



Here are a few examples of what you can do (click on the photo to discover more)


Val di Fassa is a true paradise for the walker.
You can choose from low, mid and high altitude walks.


We'll work with you to ensure you can choose just the right walks for you as walking grades vary from easy walks on wide mule-tracks, to demanding alpine treks. These can incorporate the exhilarating Vie Ferrate.

Most excursions can be completed in one day but they can also be combined into a multi-day adventure, by spending one or more nights in high altitude Refuges and trekking in between. This is a rare opportunity to enjoy many beautiful and remote places without having to return every evening, and makes for a great adventure sleeping in a different refuge every night.

We can arrange an overnight stay in a refuge and any equipment in advance of your arrival.

Should you choose to then seeing the famous “enrosadira”, a phenomenon typical of the Dolomites only visible at sunrise and sunset is a treat not to be missed. At these times the rocky peaks take on a beautiful and intense pink reflection, a real must see.

Follow the links to these walks, for a little taster:

If you are interested in any of these trails, or just sections of them, we will be happy to discuss them in more detail and arrange equipment, accommodation etc. As these trails are very popular and Refuges can be booked up quickly, we recommend making reservations well in advance of travelling.

  • Easy, family friendly

    Baita alle Cascate Walk


    Duration - 2.5hrs

    Distance - 6.7km/4.2m

    Height gain - 321m/1053ft


    Technical - *****

    Exposure - *****

    Navigation - *****

    Fitness - ****

    • Ideal for: Adults and families with children over 10.
    • Things to look out for: Local wildlife particularly the marmots.
    • Best time of the year: June to October.

    Good access roads lead up Val San Nicolo making this a perfect easy stroll for the whole family or as a first walk in the valley. There's the choice of either a bus from Pozza or you can take a car up and park in one of the car parks off the road.

    From the car park at the top of the access road there's a nice gravel track that leads up through the woods with a gentle incline taking you quickly into the forest. You'll remain on this path for a while heading up Val San Nicolo. After a short while there's a small wooden bridge crossing the river to your left hand side. Here there's a wonderful clearing allowing you to see the surrounding mountains. Crossing the river you follow the path down a short way before turning right back up the hill.

    The path is a bit more uneven from here but for the main part is in good condition and this continues up to the heart of Val San Nicolo. The trees start to thin out and open up to meadows which in the summer are carpeted with wild flowers. You'll soon be greeted by a wonderful view of cascading water flowing down from Valle Ombert. With this stunning waterfall as a back drop you'll see Baita alle Cascate a wonderfully placed mountain hut on the edge of a beautiful green meadow. It's a perfect spot to rest and enjoy the mountains with space for the kids to run around or for you to grab a quiet spot to relax before the gentle stroll back down.

    Turn this into a longer walk by following one of two paths up to Passo San Nicolo. A steep track that heads up and provides glorious panoramic views well worth the ascent if you're got the energy.

  • Demanding one day excursion

    Rifugio Roda de Vael Walk


    Duration: 6hrs

    Distance: 13.4km/8.3m

    Height gain: 781m/2560ft


    Technical - *****

    Exposure - *****

    Navigation - *****

    Fitness - *****

    • Ideal for: Adults and families with children over 10.
    • Things to look out for: Local wildlife particularly the marmots.
    • Best time of the year: June to October.

    Starting from rifugio Gardeccia take path no. 550 heading for passo delle Coronelle. The walk starts out with a gentle uphill across a meadow, warming you up nicely before the path quickly gains height as it approaches the Catinaccio rock face. As you go keep an ear out for unusual whistles, it's the marmots warning each other of your arrival. It is common to spot them sunbathing on a rock not too far away from their nest. As you gain altitude the west profile of the Marmolada will come into view to the south east, you can just glimpse the glacier on its north face.

    After approximately 90 minutes you will reach a cross point with path 541. Take it heading south and having gained 400m altitude you'll have a fantastic view of Gardeccia, the route you've just walked and the surrounding peaks, Catinaccio on the North and Larsec on the East. Route 541 stays fairly level for approx. 30 minutes allowing you to take in your surroundings before it picks up again, ascending to Passo delle Zigolade at 2550m. A stunning view of rifugio Roda de Vael and its surrounding meadows opens up in front of you from the summit of Passo delle Zigolade. Follow the path downhill, under a natural rock bridge and across the green fields to the rifugio, approximately 60 minutes away. Roda de Vael is the ideal location for a lunch break whether you carry your own food or want to indulge yourself with the local traditional cuisine.

    After a well deserved rest follow path 545 back towards Ciampedie. Initially quite a steep downhill, it cuts back across the meadow until you reach a gravel track. Don't be tricked into following the gravel track instead you'll continue into the woods on the left. Next stop is rifugio Negritella, 90 minutes away from Roda de Vael. From there it's back to Gardeccia via route 540 weaving back through the woods in just over 60 minutes. Take a minute out to read some of the information boards with details and curiosities on the local flora and wild life you'll see on your way.

    All in all this is quite an intense and moderately strenuous walk but your efforts don't go unrewarded, you'll have enjoyed some of the Dolomites most iconic scenery. On a few occasions the path is exposed and cover with loose gravel, you'll love the adventure but do take extra care if you're taking younger children.

  • Multiple day excursion

    Rifugio Antermoia Walk


    Duration: 8hrs

    Distance: 18km/11.2m

    Height gain: 1514m/4967ft


    Technical - *****

    Exposure - *****

    Navigation - *****

    Fitness - *****

    • Ideal for: Adults and families with children over 12.
    • Things to look out for: Waterfalls and an alpine lake, plus lots of marmots.
    • Best time of the year: June to October.

    If not for the beauty of the area around Rifugio Antermoia and the alpine lake just behind we'd probably have named this the waterfall walk. Starting from Gardeccia you'll descend along the road to Muncion where you pick up a trail into the forest. On this forest path you are treated to wonderful views of waterfalls created by the melting winter snow.

    It's quite a steep ascent but easily manageable on good paths and made easier by the wonderful waterfall views. Follow the path up the valley as it criss crossed a stream and soon you'll reach some caves. Here there's a popular spot for dry tooling, a form of summer climbing using tools like those used in ice climbing. Soon after here there's a plateau offering wonderful views of Val di Dona and your first views of the Marmolada in the distance. This is a beautiful alpine meadow and could be the perfect spot for lunch should you choose to make this an easier two day walk with an over night stop at Rifugio Antermoia.

    Ascending from the grassy meadow onto scree trails the route continues up to near 2600m where the views are breathtaking. Reaching the crest you'll see Rifugio Antermoia surrounded by the northern faces of Cima di Dona and Croda del Lago, and behind the Rifugio rising up Catinaccio d'Antermoia. Rifugio Antermoia makes for a great place to stay over night if you want to turn a strenuous one day walk in to a medium level two day walk. If not it's a great place to grab a coffee and a snack in preparation for the second part of our long one day walk. We'd recommend planning some time to stay here even on a one day walk because behind the Rifugio is a most amazing alpine lake.

    After visiting the lake the ascent takes you to Passo d'Antermoia via a rough scree path. From the top of the pass there are wonderful view this time down into Val di Vajolet. You'll descend from here in the shadow of Catinaccio d'Antermoia reaching Rifugio Principe. The final descent takes you down Val di Vajolet to Gardeccia surrounded by Dirupi di Larsec, Torri di Vajolet, and Catinaccio d'Antermoia.


Equipped with a harness, lanyard and helmet you can explore places otherwise out of reach some over 3000m.  With a vast range of routes within a very small distance of our base in Val di Fassa we are perfectly situated to arrange tailor-made routes to be as challenging and exciting as you want.

There's no prior experience needed although we suggest you allow us to pre-book you a fully qualified, English speaking mountain guides if it's your first time out.  They'll help you safely navigate the via ferrata and are a fountain of knowledge on the area including the historical origins of the Alpini military forces and their use of the paths.

So maybe you want to add a bit of excitement to a walk or have an easy but exciting introduction to climbing, via ferrata is an amazing way to spend your days in the mountains.

It really isn't to be missed!

  • Example

    Via Ferrata Roda de Vael


    Duration: 6hrs

    Distance: 7.96m/4.9m

    Height gain: 943m/3074ft


    Technical: *****

    Exposure: *****

    Navigation: *****

    Fitness: *****

    • Ideal for: Adults and families with children over 10.
    • Things to look out for: Bolzano in the distance as you ascend from Rifugio Paolina and the towns of Pozza and Vigo from the summit.
    • Best time of the year: June to October.

    This is an easy via ferrata with a wonderful walk and an optional route to take in a harder section of ferrata towards the end. It boasts wonderful views of the Zigolade and being on a ridge line you can see the valleys down one side into Vigo and Pozza and the other into Soraga and Carezza.

    Starting with a ski lift ascent from Carezza up to Paulina you're very quickly up into the mountains. From here there's about an hour walk that starts gently but soon picks up as the terrain turns from alpine meadow to rocks as your altitude increases. The final ascent walking is on switch backs up a scree slope but finishes upon the top of a wonderful crest where you first treated to the wonderful panoramic views of both valleys.

    Having reached the crest the via ferrata starts to the right hand side and follows a fantastic ridge line climb/scramble up to the peak. It's steep but fairly easy going with good footings and never gets too difficult. It's for this reason this particular via ferrata is so enjoyable because it really gives you chance to appreciate the unique viewpoints along the way. Having reached the top at over 2800m you'll really feel on top of the world. The descent again is fairly easy going but really enjoyable and has an optional difficult section should you have the head for heights to try it. We'd recommend you do if you feel safe to as there's a wonderful traverse and climb with steel footings that takes you out and over another crest where there's about 150m drop to the side.

    Either way the walk back to the ski lifts is beautiful and takes you via Rifugio Roda De Vael which makes for a wonderful place to stop for a break and a bite to eat with fantastic fresh cooked food. As you walk back the scenery is stunning and you'll pass the hill top monument to Cristomannos Denkmal a huge eagle statue worth checking out. If you return in time back to Carezza we'd recommend whilst there you can take a quick trip to Lago di Carezza a wonderful alpine lake just a few minutes from the roadside. It's a beautiful place to reflect on the day's adventure and a real favourite with photographers.

Welcome Cyclists!


The abundance and variety of rock faces, make the Dolomites one of the best places to go rock climbing in the world.   Val di Fassa has some of the most iconic and challenging peaks in the Dolomites at its doorstep such as the Torri del Vajolet, the Sella Massif and the majestic Marmolada.

Whatever your level of climbing ability there are route that we can suggest to suit you perfectly.  From single pitch climbs to 800m+ 20-pitch epic routes, however the vast majority of them can be done on a single day’s outing or with an overnight stay in a  mountain Refuge.

There are a staggering number of routes with short walk ins and relative ease of access, some faces rising straight out of grassy meadows making it hard to imagine a better place to explore or build a passion for climbing.

 With the use of fully qualified English speaking local mountain guides even a relative novice climber can have an amazing adventure and an experienced climber will find a wealth of routes to challenge and excite them.

  • Example

    Sport Climbing at Palestra Vajolet


    Walk in: 1hr

    Pitches: 9

    Pitch Height: 25m/82ft


    Technical: grade 4/6

    Exposure: *****

    Navigation: *****

    Fitness: *****

    • Ideal for: Beginners or first time outdoor climbers.
    • Things to look out for: the Vajolet Towers and cima docici in the distance.
    • Best time of the year: June to October.

    Named "The Gym of Rock" by the Italians this really is a great playground for beginners, first time outdoor climbers and anyone starting to lead climb. Offering a relatively short walk in on easy going paths and 9 pitches graded from 4 up to 6b all around 25m height, there's plenty of climbing to be enjoyed.

    This relatively small leaning rock face is made of Dolomia rock and offers a tonne of grip perfect for climbing and is south facing so catches the sun for most of the day. It's also the perfect place to go as a group having multiple pitches open for everyone to try or as family with it's good accessibility.

    It's perfectly situated in the heart of Val di Vajolet and you're within 10 minutes walk of Rifugio Vajolet that offers good quality fresh cooked food and drink. You're surrounded by the Catinnacio group of mountains and can mix a morning of climbing with a longer walk to Passo Principe or to Rifugio Alberto to see the famous Torri del Vajolet.

    Return after a day of climbing to Gardeccia where there's a wonderful rifugio for a snack and a drink and a wonderful spot to rest after a long day before buses can bring you back into town.

Cycling is a wonderful way to explore the beauty of the Dolomites.  With a huge range of routes on and off road you'll be spoilt for choice to explore the mountains.

Val di Fassa is a perfect base for a cycling holiday with a bustling community of road cyclists and a continually growing mountain biking scene it's an exciting place to come and ride with new trails and routes popping up all the time.

Take on the challenge of riding a former Giro d'Italia hill climb stage, an epic off road route around the Sella Massifs or enjoy cycling the many paths up and down the valley.  There's something for everyone.

Discover more...


Enjoy adventure and adrenaline with the expert supervision of our Water Rafting Partner.

From May the melting winter snow flows down the mountains of Val di Fassa creating fast flowing rivers perfect for water rafting.  Whether you've done water rafting before or not you should give it a try!

Before descending the river in rafts of six people, you're given all the training and equipment you need including wetsuit and buoyancy aids.  Then you'll learn the commands that will be given in the boat and what you'll be doing as you travel down the river.  This isn't just a sit in and enjoy the show kind of activity, everyone in the boat has a crucial role to play in navigating the white water.

One of the real highlights of this adventure is the waterfall jump!  You'll dive into the water at the base of a waterfall and pull yourself along the rock face while the water flows down around you.  Climbing up the other side you take a small cliff jump back into the deep water.  Great fun and a wonderful challenge.

All you'll need is a swimming costume, shoes that can get wet, a long or short sleeved shirt to wear under the wet suit and a towel for the shower at the end of the trip.



There are several “acroparks” in and around Pozza: these are a great way to spend the morning or afternoon.  Routes built high in the trees have you testing your acrobatic skills and balance.  Suitable for all ages with routes that are fun for all the family to complete in full safety.  It's a fun challenge and good test of skills.

All equipment is provided and trained personnel will help you and your youngsters along the way.

Navigate through the park on Tibetan bridges, slip between tree branches, fly for 10 meters hanging from a vine, stand on 12m high platforms anchored to trees and get a thrill sliding along the 140m cable across the river Avisio.

All you need is a spirit for adventure!

The kids can even try a little Via Ferrata!


If you want a break from the vertical wall or simply would like to try something new, Val di Fassa offers you a great choice of activities.

In most cases all the necessary equipment can be hired and expert instructors will safely guide you along the way.


Running &


Horse &

Pony Riding

River &

Lake Fishing

Hang Gliding

& Paragliding


for Children

Day at
the SPA



Alt've Days

Out & Events

Running & Sky-running with Fassadventures in Val di FassaVal di Fassa has a large running community holding events throughout the Summer months from kids cross country races to an adults only race held by Val di Fassa Running. The latter, a 5 stage event spanning 6 days would make a wonderful event for a keen runner to enter.  With an average of 12km per stage starting in villages along the valley it's a wonderful way to explore the mountain paths with a friendly energetic buzz surrounding the place.

Alternatively we can advise paths that would be great for a keen sky-runner with ridge lines, wonderful scenery and gloriously fresh mountain air in massive supply.

Push yourself on the alpine terrain or jog through the valley if you like running in any form there's something here that will fit you perfectly.

Horse & Pony Riding with Fassadventures in Val di FassaFor the kids or the whole family there's riding for all abilities in Val di Fassa.  Locally run stables train and teach kids as young as 8 everything from grooming and care for the horses to riding and trekking.  We can cater for your needs should you wish to give horse riding a try for the first time or are an experienced rider wanting to go for a longer trek through the valley.

 There's wonderful woodlands and alpine meadows to explore and we're sure you'll have a wonderful adventure on horseback.


See a video

River & Lake Fishing with Fassadventures in Val di FassaThe Spring thaw brings an abundance of water and nutrients flooding into the valley rivers which in turn are teeming with trout amongst other fish.  Enjoy a day of relaxation and allow us to arrange a daily permit for you to hit the shoreline of the rivers.

Alternatively turn a fishing trip into a full day out with a trek to one of the many accessible alpine lakes in the mountains throughout the valley.

Hang Gliding & Paragliding with Fassadventures in Val di FassaThe summer skies particularly towards the end of the season in late August and September are literally scattered with para-gliders and hang gliders.  The unique formation of the mountains in the Dolomites leads to amazing up currents making it a paradise for anyone into the sport.

For those who would like to try it we can arrange tandem flights and you can enjoy this unique way to explore and view the beautiful Dolomiti mountains.

Playground for Children with Fassadventures in Val di FassaKeeping the kids entertained certainly isn't a problem with playgrounds dotted all the way along the riverside running the length of the Val di Fassa.

There are animal parks and farms where the children can feed the goats, watch the ducks and fish swimming.  An electric train in Pozza is also great fun for them to have a ride on.

When you are out walking there are usually places at the refuges that the kids can play too.

Day at the SPA with Fassadventures in Val di FassaWith a sulphur spring at over 1300m above sea level Pozza is home to the only such natural spa in the province.  Fabled to hold natural healing properties you can't help but feel rested and relaxed after a day of therapy treatments.

Offering a range of services from beauty treatments to massage and physiotherapy whether you've had a hard few days in the mountains or just need some "me" time there's a treatment perfect for you.

Helicopter Ride with Fassadventures in Val di FassaThis is certainly not your average helicopter flight experience.  With highly qualified professional pilots who are often used for professional aerial filming of events such as the Sella Ronda mountain bike races and ski races.

Sightseeing flights are exactly that, you aren't flown to 4000m and shown the sights from above you are flown into the valleys and between the peaks.  The helicopters can quite often be seen flying below the top of the Torri del Vajolet for example from within Val del Vajolet.

It's a wonderful and unique way to experience the beauty of the Dolomites.

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